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1 Commons

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

The wishing well signifies the hope of community..

Approximately 5 to 6 homes fit on one acre. For the best effect, 3 to 4 acres provide a setting of intimacy with between 15-20 homes. 


Privately owned, each home is on a slab with walk in or handicap access. Carports or garages are not needed, as parking is off to the side for residents and guests.

Situated in a circle around a wishing well, the commons area provides a better sense of community for walking path and benches. The entire commons may be gated or fenced for its own governance. 

Opportunity abounds for affordable ownership. Whether a first time home owner or an empty nester, this scenario is also very strong in profits for real estate, franchises, and resort or retreat living investors. 

1 Living Room

1 Kitchen


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